Thucydides’ Corruption

A storm had brewed over Corfu Isle

Thunder roared with the sounds of revolt

Moods had fashioned this weather a while,

All that was needed was a bit of a jolt


As the young turned on us aged and wise,

Hoisting their banners proclaiming a world anew

Their teachings proclaimed our work as lies,

That the day of our judgement was rightly due


“I implore thee to spare our art and culture,”

My pleas ignored from the moment I arose

Gone was our land and its infrastructure

What was lost? We will never know.


“To know everything is to do nothing,”

The motto of the soldiers for all to see

For bread and circus was their becoming

“As the poor hunger, there is no time for poetry”


“Leave the dead unburied!

Leave our thoughts unwritten!

Leave the girls unmarried!

For with prosperity we are smitten!”


But as the world came crashing down,

And bread was passed around,

No hearts were full, no stomach content,

For off this alone, man’s soul was not meant.

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